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Top 4 Benefits of Lavender

There are so many benefits of lavender that it really is amazing. The lavender plant itself provides a wonderful aromatic option for gardening or landscaping. Lavender essential oil that is extracted from the plant has a wide range of therapeutic applications.

Lavender is used to make many pleasant smelling and useful products, and it has even become popular as a unique ingredient in flavoring special culinary dishes.

Growing Lavender –

Lavender has long been a favorite of gardeners in the United Kingdom and of course it remains popular in Mediterranean countries where it grows wild. But growing lavender is increasingly popular in countries around the globe. There are large lavender farms for commercial production in the USA, Australia, and Europe. Many homeowners are also discovering that one of the benefits of lavender is that it makes the ideal landscaping plant due to its wide range of growing environments, low maintenance and low water requirements.

Therapeutic Lavender –

The therapeutic benefits of lavender are a surprise to many people because they don’t expect a natural substance to have anesthetic (pain killing), antiseptic (cleansing) and antibiotic (bacteria killing) properties. The essential oil of lavender has all of these characteristics and is used to treat minor wounds and burns. In addition, it is one of the most popular oils used in aromatherapy . Simply being exposed to the scent of lavender has been shown by scientific studies to be soothing to many people. It is commonly used to treat mild insomnia due to the relaxing effect that is commonly experienced with the lavender aroma.

Household Lavender

Many manufacturers of household goods have discovered that including lavender in their products has many benefits. Most have added lavender for the pleasant scent, but its disinfectant properties make it a valuable ingredient in cleaning products.

Culinary Lavender –

Cooking with lavender is gaining popularity in gourmet restaurants and home kitchens alike. It can add a unique taste to a wide variety of foods ranging from meats to desserts. Used in a way similar to rosemary for flavoring, recipes are widely available for a variety of dishes, such as lavender roast beef, lavender cookies, lavender ice cream, lavender potatoes, or even beverages such as lavender lemonade.

The world has been blessed to have such a wonderful plant with so many benefits. It will be a rewarding experience for those who choose to explore the aspects of lavender that interest them.

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