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Lavender Festival

    A lavender festival is a great way to spend a summer day, or an entire weekend. Bring the whole family and enjoy the festivities. There is something for everyone.

Lavender farms are found in many locations around the globe, and many of these farmers have decided that a festival is a fun way to draw attention to this wonderful herb. If you have never had the pleasure of the experience, here are some of the things you might find at a lavender festival.

Lavender for Sale - Since the festival is in celebration of the lavender blossoms, it's only logical that you will have the opportunity to purchase lavender. Whether it is potted lavender, lavender wands, or picking your own bouquet of fresh lavender, you will likely have the chance to buy some of these fragrant flowers.

Lavender Classes - The festival will probably be very educational, offering free classes for everything from growing lavender, crafts with lavender, to cooking with lavender. Experts in these and other areas are often invited to share their knowledge about the wide variety of uses of this wonderful plant.

Lavender Distillation - Lavender oil is extracted from the plant through a process called distillation. Steam is passed through the plant material and the molecules of oil are carried along with the steam. As it cools the steam condenses back into a liquid and the oil separates and is collected. Quite often a demonstration of this fascinating process can be seen at a lavender festival.

Lavender Products - Soaps, lotions, sachets, massage oil, or pure lavender oil - These are all examples of products that are made with lavender. You are likely to find products that you never even thought could be made from lavender. From lavender honey to lavender pet shampoo, expect the unexpected when you begin to explore what is available at a lavender celebration! You might even get a demonstration of one these creations. Would you enjoy a massage with lavender massage oil? You might be surprised at what you find.

Lavender Cooking - Lavender is gaining popularity as a unique flavoring for food. There are many recipes for cooking with lavender . A meat rub, cooking oil, salad dressing, lemonade, or even ice cream - all of these foods and many others have been flavored with lavender. It's not unusual to find a cooking demonstration at a festival where the chef is preparing delicacies with lavender recipes.

Lavender Farm Tours - Many festivals will include tours of the lavender farm, or sometimes multiple farms in the area. Here you can learn about planting, tending and harvesting lavender. You are bound to come away with a new appreciation for all of the work required to generate a small bottle of lavender essential oil.

Arts and Crafts - No doubt since the very first festival of any kind, vendors have taken advantage of the gathering to sell their wares. A lavender festival is no different. Artisans and Craftpersons of all kinds are often invited to set up a temporary shop. From tee-shirts to paintings, many of these items are lavender related. It's a great opportunity to find that special gift for your friend or loved one, or even yourself!

Children's Activities - A festival should be a fun for everyone, and children are no exception. Many events will include games and other special activities for children such as face painting. Even the little ones will have a great time.

Local attractions - Some lavender festivals have grown beyond the borders of the farm. In some cases multiple farms have cooperated to sponsor the celebration, and even entire towns will join in. Local businesses will sometimes have "Lavender Specials" and local governments may offer assistance in coordinating the efforts. It's not unusual for such an event to attract thousands of people.

Live Music - No festival is complete without music, and most lavender festivals are no exception. It may be a concert or a dance, but you will likely be able to enjoy live music along with all of the other activities. You may just want to relax, soak up the atmosphere, and listen to the music.

Locations - There are lavender festivals in England, France, New Zealand, Australia, Puerto Rico, and the United States of America (USA). Two of the largest of these celebrations in the USA are held in Odell, Oregon and Blanco Texas, with smaller events across the country.

If you haven't attended a lavender festival, locate one near you. If you are a lavender person, (and if you have read this far I assume that you are) you can plan to have a wonderful time.

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