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Lavender Wedding

    Are you thinking of a Lavender Wedding? Many lavender farms rent their facilities to allow couples to tie theknot amongst the waving beauty and sweet aroma of blooming lavender plants. Some farms provide a stage or agazebo for the wedding party, sound system, seating, and other necessary items besides the great location.

  Some farms even provide a wedding consultant!

If you don't have a lavender farm nearby that is equipped to host a wedding, there's no reason you can't enjoy a lavender wedding. Here are some ideas to celebrate that special occasion with the beauty and smellof lavender.

Flowers - One of the obvious ways to have a lavender wedding is by using lavender flowers as part of theevent. A bouquet of lavender is beautiful on its own, but the little lavender blossoms also work well to accentother flowers in a bridal bouquet. For instance, lavender and roses make an elegant combination. Lavender wandsor wreaths make great decorations for the church or other venue, and can be used alone or with other flowers to adorn the bridal arch. Try lavender floral arrangements for the tables at the reception as they set a relaxed yet festive tone.

Table Favors - Another way to give a lavender feel to your wedding is to provide your guests with lavenderparty favors at each place setting at the reception. Small items such as a lavender mini-bouquet, or a lavenderscented votive candle add a nice touch.

Wedding Party Gifts - There is no better way to thank the wedding party of your wedding than withgifts of lavender products. A gift basket or bag filled with a sachet, soap, or lotion containing lavenderwill be appreciated for months to come. Your bride's maids will know just how much you care every time theysmell the unmistakable aroma of lavender as they use the gift you provided.

Wedding Rice (Buds) - Even if you choose not to have a full-blown lavender wedding, you will want to be sure and use lavender buds as wedding "rice" to throw at the reception. The traditional send-off for thenewlyweds becomes a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone - even the clean-up crew! Lavender buds are biodegradeable and won't harm animals or the environment.

Lavender Pillow - Have your little ring bearer walk the aisle holding a heart shaped pillow stuffedwith lavender buds. Not only will everyone enjoy the pleasant scent from the pillow, you can hang the pillowwith your wedding dress after the big day is over to keep your entire closet smelling wonderful and bringingback memories from that blissful day.

Lavender Food - Lavender adds a tasty and unique flavor to many foods. A lavender wedding is the perfectopportunity to provide your guests with a special culinary delight. Try lavender tea and hors d'oeuvres or lavender chocolate at the reception. At the rehearsal dinner you can serve a meat dish seasoned with herbes de provence garnished with a lavender spike.

Lavender Color - Enjoying the fabulous smell, beautiful flowers and even tasty foods can all be part of celebrating your wedding with lavender flowers, but most lavender fans also love the lavender color. Lavender bride's maid dresses, lavender ribbons and streamers, or even a lavender colored wedding cake canall be part of the celebration. There is no limit to the creative options when it comes to adding the specialcolor to the special occasion.

Whether or not you are able to celebrate your wedding at a lavender farm, there are many options at your disposal when it comes to having a lavender wedding. Choose one or all and make it a unique, once in a lifetime occasion.

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