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Types of Lavender Crafts: How to Make them?

Making lavender crafts is another way to enjoy your lavender plants long after the growing season is over.

Whether you choose to make a lavender wreath or a lavender wand from your fresh cuttings, or you decide to work with dried lavender for your creation, you’ll have many options to choose from. Let’s explore the possibilities and jump start your creativity.

Fresh Lavender

  • Lavender Wand – A fun and decorative way to keep your lavender fragrance close at hand is to make a lavender wand.
  1. Cut 7 or 9 lavender stalks, keeping the stems as long as possible.
  2. Tie the stalks together in a bundle with a length of ribbon a short distance below the buds.
  3. Fold the stems up over the buds, doing your best to space them evenly.
  4. Tuck the end of a ribbon inside the bundle and weave the other end over and under the stems, working your way around the bundle and pulling it snug as you go.
  5. Continue weaving the ribbon until you have covered all of the buds and to the end of the stems.
  6. Tie several lengths of ribbon to the end of your wand to have a decorative “train”.
  • Lavender Wreath – Making a lavender wreath is one of the most rewarding lavender crafts that that you can attempt, and it is not difficult.
  1. Using craft wire, make a circle or even a heart shape frame for your wreath. This works best with for small wreaths. You may need to go around the circle several times to make sure your frame is sturdy enough.
  2. Wrap your frame with lavender colored ribbon to mask the wire frame.
  3. Bundle 5 or 6 stalks of lavender together, cutting the stalk to about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long. Tie the bundle together using light garden wire and secure to the frame with the garden wire or florist tape.
  4. Repeat the previous step covering the stalks of the previous bundle with the blooms of the current bundle.
  5. Work your way around the entire frame until it is all covered.
  6. When you work your way back to the beginning, tie a ribbon around the stalk of the first bundle to cover the stalk and to use for hanging.

For a larger wreath it is best to use a commercial wreath frame and follow the instructions for that particular style. Try adding in other dried flowers or decorative plants to suit your occasion, such as holly or evergreen to create a lavender Christmas wreath.

Dried Lavender

Many lavender crafts can be made using dried lavender buds which hold their aroma for many months. A slight touch of dried lavender will cause it to release its wonderful aroma time and time again.

  • Lavender Sachet – A sachet is a simple way to add that sweet lavender aroma to a drawer, closet or room. There are many creative possibilities when it comes to making a lavender sachet. The easiest sachet could be simply putting lavender buds into a decorative stationary envelope. Use a pin to poke some holes in the back of the envelope to allow the smell to escape. Another alternative is to use your computer printer to print a pattern or image on a plain sheet of paper, then fold it into an envelope that will contain your lavender buds.

If your craft skills include sewing, you can make your own lavender sachet using organza material. Sew the material into a pouch to hold your lavender buds and tie it closed with a ribbon. Another option is to cut a long strip of material that is about 4 inches (10 – 11 cm) wide, fold it in half along the length, place lavender buds in between the folds as you sew it into 2 inch X 2 inch (5 cm X 5 cm) squares. This will result in a sachet that is as long as you want and will work well to hang near a window to allow the fresh breeze to spread the lavender aroma around the room.

  • Dried Lavender Flower Arrangement – Dried lavender bundles are a great addition when creating a dried floral arrangement. Many beautiful dried grasses and plants are available in craft stores or in nature. Arrange these in a vase along with your dried lavender bundles and you can create an attractive and aromatic table centerpiece or shelf decoration. Dried lavender flowers are lovely by themselves and add a country charm to a bathroom or kitchen. Place them on a window sill or hang them out of the way near a cabinet or in a corner and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that is created.
  • Other Lavender Crafts – The ways to use lavender in making sweet smelling crafts are only limited by your imagination. Besides sachets, lavender buds can be sewn into pot holders, oven mitts, napkin rings, cushions, you name it. Lavender pillows and lavender eye pillows are a relaxing way to enjoy the fruit of your craft making. Is there a wedding in your future?

Plan a lavender wedding and create lavender wedding favors Рthrow lavender buds instead of rice. Dried lavender can be used to make wall hangings, pomanders, or various displays. If you feel really adventurous, try making your own lavender soap, lotion or cream.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using fresh or dried lavender to make your lavender crafts, you are sure to have fun. With just a little effort you can have a unique creation that will make a great gift or you can give yourself something that will provide months of aromatic enjoyment.

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