Lavender Basic

What is it about lavender?

Few plants have proved to be as useful, fragrant and healthful as the delicate yet versatile lavender. Originating in the region from the Mediterranean down through Eastern Africa and into Southwest Asia and through southeast India, lavender has long been prized for its unique medicinal properties.

Today this hardy plant is cultivated and used around the world. Lavender is still used medicinally, but there are dozens of other uses for this purple wonder. Our site is dedicated to helping you get the most from lavender, whether you are looking to grow it, buy it, use it or even eat it. Here is a glimpse into the sweet lovely world of the amazing lavender plant.

Lavender is versatile. The list of uses is nearly endless, but nonetheless here some favorite ways to put the lavender flower to good use.

  • Aromatherapy. Lavender oil is beautifully fragrant and floral so it is pleasing to the senses. Not only that, but it can be a useful and safe aid to sleep. A mist on the pillow can calm nerves and quiet the mind. Be sure to look at the other benefits to using the alluring fragrance of lavender.
  • Health/ Medicine. Lavender is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. This makes it a must have in any medicine cabinet. Use it to treat burns and minor cuts and bruises. It can help reduce scarring, cleanse the skin as well as soothe irritations.
  • Food. Bees use the nectar in the lavender flower to make a high quality honey that is floral and delicious. It does not end there, flowers can be candied, dried for tea or paired with chocolate for exquisite and perhaps unexpected palate pleasers. Check out what other tasty treats can be made with lavender here on the site.
  • Other. The classic color of the lavender is beautifully preserved when dried and makes for gorgeous accents in home decorating. Wreaths, fragrant sachets and more can add color and aroma to any home or room. Lavender has been used for ages in cosmetics, soaps and fragrances. Besides making you beautiful, it can also protect linens and clothing. It is a potent insect repellant and can be used to keep moths out of closets and drawers.

Lavender used to be found in the region mentioned earlier, but today is grown in gardens around the globe. This hardy flower can flourish just about anywhere, even in your garden. With proper care and with the right variety, you can successfully cultivate this elegant flower and benefit from all it has to offer. This site will help you to choose the type of plant that works for you, help you care for it and give you advice and suggestions so that you continue to reap the benefits that come from this timeless purple flower.

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